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Indonesian Army Outlines Chinook Requirement

The Indonesian Army (Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Darat: TNI-AD) has outlined a continuing requirement to procure Boeing CH-47F Chinook heavy-lift transport helicopters.

In a statement on its website earlier in January the force said, “The presence of Chinook helicopters to strengthen [our] defence equipment is really needed considering that we have limited transport helicopters.”

The TNI-AD made specific reference to a requirement to bolster its capability to deal with natural disasters such as the tsunami that hit Indonesia and other Asian countries in December 2014. Several regional countries deployed Chinooks in disaster relief roles in the aftermath of the tsunami.

The TNI-AD added that the Indonesian Ministry of Defence (MoD) had agreed in principle in 2016 to procure the Chinooks “in stages” from 2019, but did not elaborate on the status of the potential procurement. The MoD has not made any new announcements about the acquisition.

However, a spokesperson from Boeing told Jane’s on 18 January that the corporation “continues to have discussions with the Indonesian government on how we can best serve the country’s humanitarian and defence needs: areas where the CH-47F Chinook can play a significant and vital role”.

In its statement, the TNI-AD also made reference to Indonesia’s requirement to secure offsets in any deal to procure the Chinooks. These offsets would be expected to benefit local industry through transfers of technologies and know-how. sources : www.janes.com